17th November, 8AM

Hosted Buyers Benefit

What can you get for being Hosted Buyer?

CategoryFully-Hosted BuyerSemi-Hosted BuyerTrade Buyer
Registration FeeUSD 350 (non-refundable) USD 250 (non-refundable)KHR 200000 or USD 50
Obligation? (Fulfill at least)20 Business Appointments20 Business Appointments10 Business Appointments
Entitlements Flight Reimbursement
4 Nights Hotel Accommodation4 Nights Hotel Accommodation
Pre-scheduled and on-site appointment with up to 32 exhibitors
Entry to all CTM official events and functions accessible by Buyer badge
Complimentary airport transfers and local coach transfers from official hotels to exhibition venue and official events / functions
Complimentary Pre-Tour (for international buyers & hosted media only)
Participation in Post-Show Tours at special rates (for international buyers & hosted media only)

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  1. REPLY
    Syahri Banon Bahar says

    How i can apply as a hosted buyers in this event

  2. REPLY
    Dr.Edathil Vijayan says

    Great opportunity to get connected with travel, tourism and convention facilities in Cambodia!

  3. REPLY
    M.Raja Arunmozhi says

    Established in the year 1999 in Bangalore, India. Spaceline World Travel dedicates itself to providing Complete Travel Related services.. We offer weekend escapes to special luxury vacations, tailored to your specific desires and needs. We can assist you in booking airline tickets, hotel or resort accommodations, car rentals, Visa and Passport, Foreign Exchange to just name a few.

    Our goal is to provide a unique, unforgettable travel experience so that each and every trip reflects the traveler’s true desires and interests. We perform this service with professionalism, knowledge, creativity, and care. Your Travel arrangements will be handled personally by an experienced travel consultant and will offer the high level of service, extra value and personal attention you deserve.
    Cambodia being a next important destination for indian travellers , i would like to vist during this time as hosted buyer.

  4. REPLY
    Vicente Gonella says

    Cambodia Travel Mart
    Please info regarding ticket cost refund .you organize the airline or you fix an amount to be refund.
    My question gord to the fact that I always travel in business class ,so I would be ready to cover the differens between eco class and business class.I keep waiting for your important answer for me

    • REPLY
      manager@ct says

      Hello Mr Vicente
      Regarding to flight reimbursement we will only pay in price of Economy Class.
      For more info please contact buyers.ctm@ttgasia.com

  5. REPLY
    Gisela Westphal says

    I want to apply as fully hosted buyer

  6. REPLY
    Gisela Westphal says

    This event seems very promising; I want to attend as fully hosted buyer
    we are organisers for MICE.

  7. REPLY
    Gisela Westphal says

    this event seems to be very intersting and promising
    we want to attend as fully hosted buyer
    we are MICE organisers

  8. REPLY
    Dinesh Sriram says

    Hi I have receieved my confirmation for hosted buyer application . The link you have given for making online payment is not working. I have sent you repeated messages but not got a response. Will appreciate your help on this

    • REPLY
      CTM Team says

      Hello Dinesh
      Have you try email to TTG side yet?

  9. REPLY
    Barrie Whyte says

    Looking forward to CTM 2017 as this event will play an integral role in the expansion of ASIA SPA RETREAT within the Mekong Delta Region

  10. REPLY
    Kathy Nguyen says

    Dear organization team,
    I have sent you an email via buyers.ctm@ttgasia.com. Could you please help check and give me the response as soon as possible? I am looking for your response to decide join to the Cambodia Travel Mart 2017. Thank you.

  11. REPLY
    Heike Garcon-Suiheran says

    When is the deadline to register as hosted buyer

    • REPLY
      CTM Team says

      A month before the event date 🙂

  12. REPLY
    Kathy Nguyen says

    Hello. Could you please advise me the flight ticket reimbursement? I will book flight ticket for myself then I will submit the information to organizer to get reimbursement? Or, the Organizer will responsible to book it for me? I am going to register as Fully-hosted buyer. Thanks.

    • REPLY
      CTM Team says

      Hello Kathy
      You will book the flight by yourself and then we will reimbursement on the 3rd day of the event.

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